Area of investment In Libyan Market

Areas of investment allowed (industry – agriculture – health – tourism – services) and in more detail in:-

  • Agricultural projects, industrial and service.
  • Electricity generation.
  • Communications services.
  • Real estate and infrastructure.
  • Tourist projects.

Addition to :

Areas of investment permitted under the investment promotion law (law No.9) are as follow:

Transportation sector:
 The construction and management of airports, handing, catering, logistic and ground services.
 Building and developing travel control and civil aviation systems through joint ventures with the civil aviation (given more than 50 % ownership for the Civil Aviation)
 Investment in air transport given that national investors’ ownership of the project exceeds (50%).
 Construction of highway, subway, underground and railway systems.
 Building and developing of seaports through Joint Ventures and partnerships with the national ports company

Health sector:
 Building and managing hospital.
 Laboratories and medical testing and diagnosis centers.                                      Manufacturing of medical materials and substance.                                           Manufacturing and maintenance of medical equipment

 Education sector:
Building of universities, colleges, schools.
International learning institutions and training.
Vocational and qualification centers;
All given a prior approval of curriculum, tests and exams contents from the country’s relevant institutions.

Agricultural sector:
Cultivation of agricultural crops.

 Cultivation of fodders.
Operating chicken incubation farms and poultry parenting station.

Industrial sector:
Cement, building material, Iron and steel production.
Electrical and Household articles. c Plastic and Leather production.
Fodders industry.
Flour milling and packing (requires national participation) c Food industry (requires national participation).
Chemical industry.
Manufacturing and maintenance of marine fishing equipment.
Manufacturing and solar cells and related equipment and technologies.
Manufacturing of tools, machines, equipment and spare parts.
Waste recycling plants and technologies.
Sewage systems and sanitary Ware, materials and equipments.

Tourism sector:
Construction of amusement and leisure parks.
Building and operating of hotels, resorts and holiday villages including holiday flats and villas.
Running and operating of touristic establishments, construction of yachting marinas.

Public facilities:
Building of apartment blocks and residential homes,
Building and developing of residential gas network,
Water treatment stations,
Sewage systems, drainage stations and waste recycling plants.

Maritime industry:
Aquatic (Fish) farming
Fish processing and production.

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