Advantages of Investment in Libya

The privileges & Exemptions: An investment project, subject to the provisions’ of law (No.9) for 2010 shall enjoy the following privileges: Exemption of the machinery, equipment and tools necessary for the execution of the project from customs duties, import fees, and other fees and taxes of a similar nature. However, exemption stated above does not include ports, handling and storage service fees. Exemption from all fees and taxes for all supplies, raw materials, spare parts, transport means, fixtures and fittings, publicity and advertising material and any other requirements related to the operation and management of the project for a period …

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Area of investment In Libyan Market

Areas of investment allowed (industry – agriculture – health – tourism – services) and in more detail in:- Agricultural projects, industrial and service. Electricity generation. Communications services. Real estate and infrastructure. Tourist projects. Addition to : Areas of investment permitted under the investment promotion law (law No.9) are as follow: Transportation sector:  The construction and management of airports, handing, catering, logistic and ground services.  Building and developing travel control and civil aviation systems through joint ventures with the civil aviation (given more than 50 % ownership for the Civil Aviation)  Investment in air transport given that national investors’ ownership of …

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Business in Libya

Features of the Libyan market The Libyan market characterized by a relatively active consumer market with more than 7 million consumers And the high purchasing power of most of these consumers compared to the neighboring markets, The low level of competition of the local product and the failure to meet the requirements of the consumer, both technical and price The Libyan market is relatively close to the supply sources of a number of Arab, European and African countries, making it open to similar goods and products. In addition, the requirements of the industries and public institutions are meet by the …

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Investment in Libya the required documents

The required documents for investment Application for approval of construction of investment project (Form prepared by the Board). Memo on the project including the following: Capital value to be invest in Libya, and its nature, assessed by a transferable currency or its equivalent in Libyan currency on submission of the application. Imported and local materials, if any, to use for the project. Technical specifications of the project (Technical designs and maps / plans). Site documents: (Sketch, site photo / Google Earth, indicating the surrounding area, ownership certificate, lease contract). Program or schedule specifying the project construction period. Estimated national and …

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